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Respect of Your Time

This to me is the most added value I can provide in this model. I believe we should both mutually respect each others time. I know you are busy and taking off work or leaving children and loved ones can be challenging. I want to use our time together productively. I am able to provide 30 minute to one hour office visits if needed. There will be almost no wait time in the waiting room if you need quick in and out visits for the days you don’t require a lot of time.

I will have more time to devote to prevention of chronic disease and nutrition education. I will also have the time to look for ways to save you money when you do have to go outside my office in the healthcare market. I will have time to answer emails, texts, and phone calls directly from you. I will have time to advocate for you when needed.

Flexible Appointments
I will have complete control over my schedule. If early, noon time or later appointments are needed we can work with each others schedule to make that happen.
Clear, Affordable, and Upfront Pricing
There are NO hidden costs at my office. Pricing and fees will all be very transparent. Though most services will be included in your monthly fee, any additional fees owed will be directly communicated with you at the time of service: such as the cost of medications dispensed from the office. There will be a reasonable monthly fee due each month in order to continue to be a patient. Most lab and imaging prices I will already have as well, so I will also be able to help you understand your costs before a service is done. I know this is a very scary and unfortunate part of the current system, and I hope this will help lower the reluctance many have of accessing primary care.
All office visits, phone calls, texts, and emails are included
No copays. No deductibles.
Cheaper Labs and Imaging
I have contracted directly with labs and imaging centers to be able to offer lower cost pricing to my patients.
Direct Communication
Almost all communication will come directly from me. I will only have one staff member so the potential for miscommunication will be very low. This will allow for quicker, more efficient communication with myself.
Multiple Modes of Communication- Email, Text, Video, Phone Calls
You will not always have to take off work to come in. A large portion of primary care can be taken care of over the phone, email, or text. When safe and medically appropriate for your particular situation, we can use other forms of communication besides the standard office visit to get you taken care of.
Leave the Office With Your Medication- Wholesale Medication Dispensing

I will dispense wholesale generic medications. Frequently you can leave the office with your medication for 70-80% less than pharmacy costs. Think of all the wasted time at the pharmacy! This can save you time and money.

For some, the cost savings on medications can help or completely cover the cost of the monthly membership.

Most Procedures Are Included in Membership

Need an abscess drained? No extra cost. Need your ears cleaned out? No extra cost. Need a joint injection? No extra cost. For breathing treatments and medication injections (antibiotics, Phenergan, Toradol, and B12) only the small cost of the medication will required. It will be a reasonable price and be told to you before the procedure occurs.

**Pathology specimens will be an extra cost as these are processed outside of my clinic. For cash only patients I will have the price available before it is sent. For those with insurance this is usually covered by your insurance company.


This needs to be very clear. This membership is NOT traditional health Insurance. I encourage all patients to have insurance along with this model. You may be able to change your insurance to a high deductible catastrophic plan and save the amount of my membership, allowing you to have both direct primary care access and catastrophic care. Please consult an insurance specialist or human resources at your place of employment before making any changes. See my FAQ’s for why I still recommend this even though you have insurance.

If you are unable to afford insurance, which I always encourage you to do, this is an affordable option to have access to a qualified Primary Care Physician. There are also health care sharing ministries that are available that can help cover the cost of healthcare outside of this practice. An aLine Health membership will not cover any other services other than my care. This is NOT used for hospital care, specialist care, or surgical care, medications, labs, or imaging.

I am able to help you get cheaper lab and medication pricing and can help you use the insurance you do have in the most beneficial way possible.

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