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What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

DPC is a health care model that is improving the way physicans practice medicine. I contract directly with you and no insurance providers. I do not take insurance and you pay me directly for your primary care health needs. By eliminating the team of people needed just to bill insurance, and by lowering the administrative hassle of dealing with insurance, I can offer very low cost, high quality care and give you the TIME you need with your physician.

Why do I need this if I am healthy and never go to the doctor?

That’s great news! I am very passionate about preventative care and will be able to educate you and guide you down the right path thru each season of life. Health can also take unexpected turns and how awesome to have a doctor at your fingertips.

Chances are you will at some point get unexpectedly sick or have an inconvenient health care need. You may be out of town, or would like to avoid the ER or Urgent Care. When medically appropriate, most of these situations can be taken care of at my clinic or over the phone.

With out-of-pocket deductibles close to or over $5,000, it doesn’t take much more than a trip or two to Urgent Care or the ER for the cost of aLine Health to be well worth the low monthly fee.

What does the membership fee include?

ALL office visits, phone calls, texts, emails. NO COPAYS.

TIME!- We will save you time on accessing and utilizing the health care system and give you the time you need with the doctor.

Minor Procedures like ear wax removal, abscess drainage, toenail removal, breathing treatments and others.

Injections like B12, Antibiotics, and Toradol.

Nutrition Education

Wellness and Prevention Plan

Access to low cost labs and imaging.

Forms filled out for free.

We will advocate to get your medications for the lowest cost possible.

** Coordination of Care** This is one of the most important aspects. I will coordinate with home health, PT, specialists, hospitalists, labs, imaging centers, your work, pharmacies to help advocate for you.

Access to low cost wholesale medications dispensed directly from the office! Decrease pharmacy headaches and hassles.

What is not included in the membership?

First and Foremost this is NOT insurance.

This membership will not cover any services outside of my clinic. Hospital Care, Specialist Care, Home Health, Durable Medical Equipment (unless I have it at my office) is not covered by this membership.

Medications are not covered. A lot of typical primary care medications are offered at a very low price at my clinic.

Labs are not covered, however, you will have access to the low cost prices that I have negotiated for you.

I do not currently do DOT physicals, but I hope to take this course within the next year.

Urine Drug Screen- 10$

Laceration Repair- 10$

Skin Biopsy- 10$

Steroid Shot – 10$

Otherwise, all the other procedures, treatments, or shots I provide are included.

Emergency/Urgent Care. Emergencies such as heart attacks, strokes, asthma attacks, and trauma need to be seen in the ER ASAP. If during clinic hours I can care for some of your urgent care needs.. This membership does not guarantee 24/7/365 care for all your medical needs. It is intended for high quality primary care services and some of your urgent care needs. We can communicate very easily and quickly about these situations when they arise.

How much does an aLine Health membership cost?

For a reasonable monthly fee you will have access to a Board Certified Primary Care Physician providing HEALTHcare in a respectful, attentive, caring and stress reducing environment. Please call our office at 318-425-9003 or email at [email protected] for monthly pricing.

110$ enrollment fee- one Time non-refundable

What if I want to cancel membership?

That is not problem.

If you have voiced a complaint that we cannot satisfy together or other circumstances come up, we will gladly allow you to terminate your membership.

We do request a 30 day written notice of cancellation.

If you choose to rejoin, re-enrollment fees will be applied ($100/re-enrollment).

All outstanding payments will be due at the time of cancellation.

This is a month by month membership that EITHER of us may cancel.

There will be no refunds of fees paid, as I bill in arrears- meaning after the month has passed.

Also something to keep in mind. In order to continue to offer value and time to my patients, I will have a small panel size. If you decide you want to sign back up, you may have to be placed on a waiting list if my panel is full. There is no guarantee of spots available to sign back up.

If you do return to the practice-Which would be great- you will not be able to cancel again and join back. This is in in place to avoid those who want one month of service here or there and sign up and cancel multiple times. The idea of this model is to foster a long term personal relationship in order to best take care of you.

Is an aLine Health membership insurance?

NO. I hope this is perfectly clear. NO.

What if I don't have insurance?

No problem. You can absolutely be a member at this practice.

I do recommend that ALL individuals have an insurance policy, however I do understand life circumstances and costs can make that hard to do.

You can still be a member here and we can find you the lowest cost options for other health care needs not covered by your membership. Remember this is not insurance and will not cover outside services.

There are health care sharing ministries that pair nicely with this model if traditional insurance is not feasible for you. Ask me about this.


I want this clinic to be a welcoming, professional, respectful and compassionate place. Personally, I place a high priority on Faith, family, friends, honesty, open communication, punctuality, honoring my commitments, integrity, and open mindedness. In the medical world I believe continuity of care, lowering costs, empathy towards ones’ background and life circumstances, and access to health care are very important. These are high standards to live up to personally and also medically as a doctor, mother, wife, and business owner. I will strive for these daily. I will fall short. I also understand you will fall short, as we are both human. I am thankful for Grace and require it daily. I ask if your expectations of me and this clinic are not being met, please discuss this with me and I will do the same with you. To make any HEALTHY relationship work there must be boundaries and realistic expectations on both sides.


I want to respect your time as I know it’s very important to you and your family.
Please respect mine as well.
Please don’t be rude to my staff.
If you feel someone has been disrespectful to you, please let me know.
Open communication is very important to me, if you have an issue or a complaint I would love to hear it and work through it together.
If I am not available in the office, there will be multiple ways of contacting me. We will discuss this in detail when we meet and sign you up.
I will take time off for family, vacation, and self care. I have educated my patients on this need endlessly, and I am going to start listening to my own advice. I can take much better care of those around me if I am healthy myself.

Why would I do this if I already have insurance?

Ask yourself is your insurance meeting your needs? Is your high premium getting you access and time with your physician? Do you have to leave work, kids, or loved ones to get simple questions answered or simple problems fixed? Can you see your doctor when you need to?

DPC can be for everyone. It depends on what you value? Your plan may be offering everything you need at this time and you need to decide if time, convenient access, and direct communication are important to you. You also may have inadequate insurance that is actually a barrier to accessing the health care system. This model will offer you a way use my services for primary care needs and use your insurance only when cost effective for you.

I would love the chance to discuss your plan, my plan, and see if this model can benefit you and actually lower your costs.

Also call and ask about my medication pricing for your particular medications. You may be able to cover the cost of my services by lowering your monthly medication costs. Besides the list of prices, I know ways to help you get some brand name medications at a lower cost as well. I now have the the time to go that extra mile to save you money and get you what you need.

What type of conditions does Dr. Crow treat?

This is not an all inclusive list.

High blood pressure
High Cholesterol
Insulin Resistance
Headaches, Migraines
Weight Issues
Tobacco Abuse
Vitamin Deficiencies 
Acute conditions- cuts, rashes, colds, bladder infections, STD’s, pneumonia, allergies
Ingrown Toenails
Skin tag removal 
Biopsies of skin lesions
Abscess drainage

Preventive Care- ordering mammograms and bone densities, colonoscopy referrals, vaccine recommendations( I will not initially be stocking vaccines in my office), Performing pap smears and STD screens, smoking cessation, wellness plans.

I am very interested in lifestyle medicine- Stress reduction, Nutrition education, Sleep Hygiene

What if I need medical attention while away from home?

Many illnesses can be diagnosed and treated with a simple conversation.

We’ll help you locate the nearest pharmacy and order the medications most appropriate for your circumstances.

If you need to go to the hospital or seek other medical attention while away from home, we can advise you on that as well.

What if I need to see a specialist or go to the hospital?

We can help coordinate access and referrals to specialists. You will still have to use insurance or cash to see these individuals. I hope as this model grows more specialists will also be able to offer lower cash pricing as well.

I do not see patients in the hospital. I will be able to coordinate your care once you are discharged and will contact the physician taking care of you if necessary.

When am I billed?

Your card on file will be billed at the first of every month.

There will be NO surprise charges. If you get your monthly medications from my office that cost will be added to the monthly bill.

NO more getting 200-1000$ surprise bills in the mail. Medication and lab costs are transparent and will be told to you before dispensing or ordering.

Is this concierge medicine?


Concierge Medicine is typically a very large yearly fee to gain access to the physician. Insurance is typically still billed for services provided. It is tailored to wealthier individuals, where Direct Primary Care is an affordable model for most individuals. Lower than most cell phone or cable bills, it is a fair, low monthly cost in order to offer membership to all people.

What happens if the office is not open and I need to contact Dr. Crow?

We will discuss this in great detail when you sign up. There are multiple ways of contacting me during non office hours and we will discuss how this is done at our meet and greet.

Cell phone, email, text, 

Please note- I have a family and other obligations as I am sure you do as well. There may be times I am unavailable or it may take me some time to respond, such as church, children functions, or sleep! We will go over emergent situations with you and will deal with situations as they arise. 

Do you accept medicare and medicaid patients?

YES! I do take medicare patients. 

I have opted out of Medicare. We must both sign an agreement stating we will not bill Medicare for any of the services I provide. It is illegal to bill Medicare for any of my services once I have opted out.

The good news is you can still use Medicare for all other services- labs, home health, hospital, medications, equipment, specialist care, prevention, vaccines etc..

Medicaid individuals can also sign up and still use Medicaid for other services. You will be responsible for the monthly membership fee.

Do you ever bill insurance?


Interested in becoming a patient? 
Unsure if this would benefit you or not?
Interested in seeing our clinic and knowing more about Direct Primary Care?


Email: [email protected]

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Fax: 318-771-7835

Address:  2210 Line Ave. Suite 104
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