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Direct Primary Care means restoring health care back to its original roots by re-defining the doctor-patient relationship, offering price transparency, using simple and efficient communication, and focusing on disease prevention through wellness and nutrition education.

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Direct Primary Care offers a more personal, direct, simple and affordable health care experience. It takes the frustration out of the patient/doctor relationship. The Direct Primary Care model is bringing healthcare into the 21st century. We all live busy lives and due to the frustration and hassle our current medical model presents, we put our health at the bottom of our to-do list. Direct Primary Care offers a predictable cost each month and quality, accessible health care.

By not taking insurance Dr. Mandy Crow is able to avoid all the unnecessary costs of healthcare, streamline her office and staff, and offer extremely affordable Primary Care to her patients. You will have direct communication with Dr. Crow as well as her only staff member and things will get taken care of in a timely and efficient manner.

The barriers to entry into the healthcare system are removed, her time spent on administrative tasks is reduced, which allows Dr. Crow to get back to focusing on her patients.

See our “frequently asked questions” and “benefits of joining” sections! We know this is a new concept for most people and Dr. Mandy Crow hopes you will understand and take advantage of the many benefits of Direct Primary Care in Shreveport, LA.


For a reasonable monthly fee you will have access to a Board Certified Primary Care Physician providing HEALTHcare in a respectful, attentive, caring and stress reducing environment. Our monthly cost is $130.00 per patient per month.

The monthly fee is charged at the first of each month. There is a one time, $110 registration fee.

PLEASE NOTE- I do not prescribe chronic pain medication, nor daily benzodiazepines for anxiety 

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