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About Dr. Crow

Dr. Crow has lived in Louisiana her whole life. While she loves to travel and visit new places, she is always ready to come back home to Shreveport, Louisiana. Dr. Crow loves our culture and heritage, but most of all she cherishes the people and relationships. She is more than excited to start this new chapter of her life in Northwest Louisiana, where she hopes to continue to provide great medical care with a more personal focus.

Dr. Mandy Crow is a Board-Certified Family Practice Physician. She attended Louisiana Tech University and received her medical degree from LSU Shreveport- Medical School. Before starting medical school, she married her wonderful and supportive husband of 13 years, Kelley Crow. Her Family Practice Residency was in Lake Charles at a community-based hospital associated with Louisiana State University. Next, she headed back to Shreveport and had the pleasure of practicing with Willis Knighton for the last six years as a Family Practice Physician. During medical school and residency, Dr. Crow started her hardest and most rewarding, lifelong job as the parent of two outgoing and creative kiddos- Aaden-10 and Caroline-7.

The road has not been easy, and she cannot speak of herself without speaking of her family. She would absolutely not be where she is today without their sacrifice and support. They have all given of themselves to help her in any way they could. She is very lucky to have married into a big and supportive family and they have no doubt helped her and Kelly through some hard and challenging times. Family and friends are their roots to Louisiana. She sees this in her patients’ lives everyday as well and is very humbled that they let her into a little piece of their world.

In her spare time Dr. Crow is mostly a wife and mom. When she does have free time, she loves to hang out with friends, read, go to antique sales, travel, run occasional races, volunteer at church, and be out on Caddo Lake. Dr. Mandy Crow is also very interested in lifestyle medicine and is very excited to have more time to focus on the prevention of chronic disease.

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