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What is Direct Primary Care?

As explained by the Direct Primary Care Coalition, “The defining element of Direct Primary Care is an enduring and trusting relationship between a patient and his or her primary care provider. In Direct Primary Care, unwanted fee-for-service incentives are replaced with a simple flat monthly fee. This empowers the doctor-patient relationship and is the key to achieving superior health outcomes, lower costs and an enhanced patient experience.”

ALine Health is a Direct Primary Care Clinic. This is not a new concept. There are over 1000 clinics operating in this manner and more opening every day.

I contract directly with you, the patient. I do not accept insurance or any third party payments. An affordable monthly fee is paid once a month for me to provide Primary Care services for you. There are no copays, deductibles, or insurance denials for my services.  I will be able to use multiple modes of communication such as email and text, so an office visit is not always needed.  If you have insurance, I will help you use it in the most beneficial and cost effective manner in other areas of the healthy system, such as labs, imaging, and specialty care. If you do not have insurance, we can use my resources for low cost lab and imaging services.  Insurance will not be used for my services, but being my patient does not mean you cannot use your insurance in all other areas of the Health Care System if it makes sense for you.  I will dispense low cost medications directly from my clinic and will also perform most procedures done in a typical primary care office. This model provides a more personal health care experience and puts you and I back in charge of your health.

Paying for primary care with insurance has driven up the cost of care and has slashed the amount of time I can spend with my patients. In the new model, I can provide high quality care with transparent costs, direct communication, and more personal time.

See my FAQ’s and Services Tabs for individual questions.

If you feel this model of care is what you have been looking for then please feel free to contact me. Don’t wait. I will accept as many patients as I feel I can give care to without compromising quality and once full, I will start a waiting list. 

“There is a lot to learn from organizations demonstrating the Triple Aim (lower costs, improved outcomes, better consumer experience). I’ve yet to see any model that more consistently delivers on the Triple Aim than Direct Primary Care.”



“We wanted to focus more on relationships rather than transactions, so charging a monthly fee instead of fee-for-service just made sense.”



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