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  • All visits to aLine Health for care of chronic conditions and acute illness
  • Access to our reduced pricing for labs and imaging.
  • Access to wholesale medications dispensed from the clinic. Oftentimes leaving the clinic with your medications, avoiding long pharmacy wait times.
  • Convenient appointment times when needed such as 7:30 am or noon.
  • Extended visit times of 30 and 60 minutes, with appointments that start and end on time
  • Short Quick Visits for days when you are busy and don’t have time to wait
  • Preventive care and wellness education
  • Gynecologic care, including pap smears (reasonable pathology fee applies for the outside facility)
  • Treatment over the phone when medically appropriate, ex- text pictures of rashes for quick feedback
  • Email Correspondence
  • Office procedures and Medication Injections: such as stitches, toenail removal, ear wax removal, antibiotic shots, b12 injections, knee injections, and hip bursa injections.

**For a few procedures, a small fee for supplies will be an additional charge. You will be notified of the amount before any procedure is done. Not an all inclusive list.

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